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Land Title’s Eagle County/Vail Area Real Estate Market Analysis | November 2013

By Lawrence “Skip” Moss

Assuming December sales totals come in north of $112 million, we will surpass sales totals from 2010, the highest sales totals in the current 4 year cycle. While we don’t foresee the kind of sales volume reaching anywhere near the nearly $3 billion in 2007, the height of the market in the current 10 year period, we believe real estate sales will settle into a comfortable $1.2 to $1.5 billion annual range. Of course, other factors may impact this including a stronger than expected economic recovery here and abroad, attracting and accessible financing and continued world class capital projects Vail Resorts has proven committed to continuing. Best wishes in 2014.

Skip, Wendy, Caro and the rest of EagleVail Realty & Management’s Team

November real estate remains steady

Real estate in Eagle County has been steady throughout 2013 and November was no exception. The steady trend of increases in both transactions and sales volume over the last several years continued in November. Dollar volume is slightly above last November with $138,598,549 in sales volume and 156 total transactions.

The mid-valley of Avon and Edwards saw 16% of the county’s sales contributing 25 transactions between the two areas.

Beaver Creek had 10 transactions in Novemberaveraging $1,040,000 per sale and accounting for 7.5% of Eagle County sales volume.

High-end sales over $4 million continue to make an impact. November had 7 sales over $4 million; 4 over $5 million with the highest being a $6.9M sale in Vail Village.

Bank sales are steadily declining over 2013. November had 5 bank sales, down from 6 in October.

November Highlights:

  • Highest price per square foot; Vail Village residential at $2,308
  • Single family homes throughout Eagle County averaged $1,207,204
  • The overall average price per square foot for multifamily homes is $496

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