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Mobile Marketing Innovation Helps Landlords & Sellers

FOR-RENT1by Lawrence “Skip” Moss

13 July 2013

Today, EagleVail Realty & Management has released an innovative way to assist its clients (landlords and sellers) attract the greatest number of potential tenants and buyers. How? Imagine this common scenario. Buyer or renter is driving through a neighborhood of interest, sees a property listed for sale and is unsuccessful in finding out more information for any of the many possible reasons including:

  • No one answers the phone number on the sign
  • No one responds to the inquiry for one or more days
  • The box of flyers is empty and has not been replenished in weeks

Bottom-line is this is a missed opportunity. Now imagine this same scenario where the listing broker or landlord’s leasing agent has provided an easy to read sign with information on how to obtain, in real-time, property information, photos, details, direct contact information to the leasing agent or listing broker. Best of all, in this scenario, the broker actually has a verifiable way to contact the interested party so that immediate communication and qualification can occur.

If your broker is not utilizing such a system, you are missing out on potentially many valuable leasing and sales leads. Contact us today to discuss exactly how we leverage innovative technology to help you maximize sales and leasing revenues.



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